Who is Caurine?

From Foumban to Paris to Reunion Island

Who are we?


It is in 2018 that the story of Caurine begins for Élise and Joyce, the mother and daughter and creator of the brand. It all started with the creation of 3 models of jewelry made with gleaned cowrie’s during various trips, Then followed the opening of a shop on the Platform Afrikrea. The creations immediately received a warm welcome, from these first positive feedbacks they initiate many other models that they present from the end of 2018 in several shops in Paris and on the island of Reunion.


Joyce’s mother passed on to her the passion for jewelry and for her native Cameroon.

It is in her plural origins that she draws inspiration to create her models, high quality jewelry that is elegant, aesthetic, but also accessible.

The handmade cowries and pearls are adorned with gold and semi-precious stones, dotted throughout the collections and evoke the millennia-old wealth of the African continent.

Through these resurrected coins, the cowrie symbolyzes the search for strong and unifying symbols in which everyone can project his own history.

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Precious Cauris

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